Santa Claus Village, the town of Santa Claus, is located 10 kilometres from Rovaniemi. It is the perfect tourist destination for families and for anyone who continues to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. It receives thousands of visits each year, which makes it by far the most visited place in Finnish Lapland.

There, you can meet Santa Claus and his house, participate in snowmobile, reindeer and husky safaris, enjoy the winter scenery, look for the Northern Lights and visit the different shops that offer products and souvenirs from the place and Finland in general.

How to get to Santa’s house from Rovaniemi

Santa Claus Village is located about 10 kilometres from the city centre of Rovaniemi. It is, therefore, very easy to get to town and there are several ways to do it.

Using public transport

Two public transport alternatives will take you to your destination. The first, the public bus number 8, connects the different points of the city and the town of Santa Claus is no exception. The trip costs about 5 euros and children can access with a discount.

The second option is prepared specifically for tourists. The Santa’s Express is a tourist bus that connects the most important places in Rovaniemi: the airport, the train station, various points in the city centre, some hotels and the house of Santa Claus. This bus runs more frequently than ordinary public transport and the price is very similar.

Travelling by taxi

The taxi, as we have already mentioned on other occasions, is an option to avoid in Finland due to its excessive price. It may be a more convenient alternative, but the difference in cost is too great to offset that advantage. Travelling by taxi will cost you between 30 and 60 euros, depending on the pick-up location, the number of people or the time of day, among others.

Driving to Santa Claus Village

An alternative with a good relationship between comfort and cost is the car, both your own and for rent. Having a car is of great help if you plan to visit other cities or national parks near Rovaniemi or Lapland.

Santa Claus Village opening hours

Entrance to Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi
Central square of Santa Claus Village

The town of Santa Claus is open every day of the year and at all hours, but the attractions, activities and shops have different hours between them and depending on the time of year. All open between 10:00 and 12:00 in the morning, and close between 17:00 and 19:00 in the afternoons. Besides, during summer they usually close everything earlier, while in winter the stores remain open longer. On this page, you have the exact opening hours of each place.

Santa’s Office opening hours

Below we show you a table with the visiting hours of the Santa Claus office throughout the year since, although it is open every day of the year, the hours vary.

June 26 – September 30Monday – Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00
October 1 – November 30Monday – Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00
December 1 – January 6Monday – Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00
January 7 – June 25Monday – Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00

When to go to Santa’s house

The enclosure can be visited every day of the year, as well as its attractions and shops. Therefore, the only differences are found in the opening hours of the establishments, the absence of certain activities and, obviously, the climate that will accompany us during the visit.

Santa Claus Village in summer

The town is not only a winter attraction, but you can also walk and visit Santa Claus during the summer (you can see the schedules in the previous section). As we have already said, the opening hours are shorter and due to the lack of snow the number of activities available is less, but it is still a special visit if you are in Rovaniemi in summer.

Visiting the village during winter

Santa Claus Village is full of Christmas-themed shops and activities. You can find safaris on snowmobiles, reindeer and huskies, playgrounds for children and Santa’s office, among others. If you decide to visit during winter, you will enjoy the real Christmas feeling and you will find the place covered in snow.

What to do in Santa Claus Village

The enclosure has numerous activities and attractions that you cannot miss. Here we will talk about some of them.

Santa Claus’ reindeer farm

Santa’s reindeer farm is located in the middle of town. They offer different rides, both long and short, as well as reindeer safaris in Rovaniemi. The prices of the activity start at 15 euros. This activity is offered since the first snow of the year falls, which usually happens in the middle of November. The sleigh is pulled by a single reindeer, so the speed reached is not very high.

Husky dog safari

In addition to the reindeer, you will also find husky dogs in Santa Claus Village. The husky dog safari is another of the most popular activities in the area. During the walk, you will be seated in a sledge and a guide will be in charge of leading the dogs. The price of the safari starts at 40 euros, while an encounter with huskies costs around 10 euros.

Santa Claus office

It is the main attraction of the venue. Admission is free, so it is a mandatory stop during your visit. Upon entering the building, the elves will greet you and guide you through Santa’s wooden mansion until you reach the office.

Santa Claus in his office in Lapland
Santa Claus in his office in Lapland (©Visit Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.))

There, Santa Claus is sitting in his chair and greets all the visitors. You can talk to him and take a photo, although it will be taken by an employee because it is forbidden to take photos with your own camera. When you leave, you will be able to acquire the photo that they have taken of you at the office, both in printed and electronic format. Depending on the format chosen, the image will cost you between 30 and 60 euros. Besides, there is a shop where you can buy souvenirs from your visit to the office.

If you visit the town of Santa Claus during the high tourist season, it is recommended that you go to the office to book your visit, instead of waiting in line and take advantage of the waiting time visiting other places.

Crossing the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Circle runs through Santa Claus Village and you can find a mark on the ground that indicates the exact point it passes through. You can even acquire a certificate of having crossed it.

Santa’s Post Office

This is the second attraction that you should not miss during your visit. It is a minute walk from Santa’s office, so it is very easy to get there. There you will find many Christmas and winter-themed postcards, but you can also discover many others. These postcards cost about 5 euros.

You will receive a special stamp and then you can send your cards and postcards. You will find two mailboxes: the first is a normal mailbox where your letter will be sent the same day you send it. The second mailbox is special, since the postcards that are sent there are delivered during the following Christmases, so it is a great idea to surprise a family member or even yourself.

Snowmobile safari

There is a possibility for children over 5 years old to drive a small snowmobile on a closed track. Adults, on the other hand, can take part in a complete snowmobile safari.

Northern Lights Search

You can book this activity in the town of Santa Claus if you have not organized it before on your own. The tour desk will help you to do so. In this activity they will not be able to assure you that you are going to see the northern lights but, if there is that day, the probability of seeing them is higher since you will be accompanied by guides who know the area and know the best places to see them.

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