The 7 most impressive Finnish saunas

The sauna originates from Finland and, how could it be otherwise, is one of the main hobbies of the Finns and they visit it every week. Sauna culture is so integrated into their lifestyle that there are more than 3 million saunas throughout the country, which has just over 5 and a half million inhabitants.

They can be found near the shores of many Finnish lakes, in private houses and apartments, office spaces, and even in the Finnish Parliament. In this article, we are going to discover the most impressive and famous saunas.

Sauna Rajaportti, the oldest one

Rajaportti Sauna in Tampere
The oldest sauna in the world (Source: Visit Tampere)

Rajaportti is located in the city of Tampere, which is known as the sauna capital. This was built in 1906, making it the oldest public sauna still in use in Finland.

In addition, next to it there is a small café offering different traditional drinks and products, such as cinnamon buns or local craft beers.

Löyly, the most impressive sauna

Loyly Sauna in Helsinki
Views from Löyly (Source: Löyly Helsinki)

Located in Helsinki, Löyly is the most international sauna in Finland. The modern building houses three saunas, an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant in which to relax and enjoy the views of the Baltic Sea. It is also a sustainable sauna since the building only uses wind energy and water in its heating and electricity systems.

Allas Sea Pool, perfect for tourists

Allas Sea Pool in Helsinki
Allas Sea Pool pools in central Helsinki (Source: Allas Sea Pool)

Allas Sea Pool is a huge complex that has two outdoor swimming pools, one heated and the other with seawater, and three saunas (male, female and mixed). It is located opposite the Market Square and from there you can see many of the emblematic places of the Finnish capital.

Lonna, situated on an island

Sauna on Lonna Island
Lonna Island is located near Helsinki (Source: Lonna)

The small island of Lonna is a 10-minute ferry ride from Helsinki. In it, we find the Lonna sauna that offers a unique experience allowing you to relax in a completely different environment from the capital.

The island has two saunas and a restaurant where you can enjoy local food, and in case you want to go, it is important to note that Lonna opens between May and October, and it is necessary to make a reservation to go.

Skysauna, a unique experience

Sauna on the Helsinki Ferris Wheel
SkyWheel Helsinki

Finland’s obsession with saunas reaches the point where someone came up with the idea of placing one inside a Ferris wheel. Yes, you read it right. The Helsinki Ferris wheel is located just behind the Allas Sea Pool, so from inside you can see the most emblematic buildings of the capital.

The Ferris wheel has a cabin with a wooden bench that can accommodate about four or five people and hot rocks that produce steam. Skysauna also has a swimming pool to enjoy while waiting for your turn to access the Ferris wheel.

Kuuma, the urban sauna

Kuuma sauna in Tampere
Kuuma on the Pyhäjärvi river (Source: Visit Tampere)

Kuuma is located in the city centre of Tampere, in a modern building facing Lake Pyhäjärvi. It has two saunas, an outdoor swimming pool that is open in summer, two large terraces from which to enjoy views of the lake and a popular restaurant where you can try typical Nordic dishes.

Suomen Saunaseura, the Finnish sauna society

Saunaseura was founded in 1937 and is responsible for preserving and sharing the correct use and experience of the activity around the world. The headquarters is located on the outskirts of Helsinki and is private, so you can only access if you are accompanied by a member of the organization. The sauna has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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