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Rauma is a town located in Satakunta, a region of Western Finland. It is the third oldest city in the country and has about 40,000 inhabitants.

Its main tourist attraction is the wooden houses in the centre of the old town. These have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991.

Things to see and do in Rauma

Rauma is one of Finland’s six medieval towns and, to this day, it still retains many elements of its history. A visit to its historic centre is, therefore, a must.

It is also possible to visit some museums and buildings reminiscent of Rauma’s maritime tradition, not forgetting the extensive forests near the town.

Old Rauma, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Old Rauma, also known as Vanha Rauma in Finnish, is the largest wooden town in the Nordic countries. Many of these buildings, still inhabited, date back to the 17th century.

In 1991, the year of the town’s 550th anniversary, the Old Town of Rauma was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Wooden house in the old town of Rauma

Sammallahdenmäki Cemetery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Sammallahdenmäki Cemetery is a Bronze Age burial site located in the nearby village of Kivikylä, about 18 kilometres from Rauma.

Due to its great archaeological importance, the cemetery was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. To this day, tombstones and rocks of various shapes and sizes from the Scandinavian Bronze Age still remain on the site.

Rauma Art Museum

The Rauma Art Museum has various exhibitions focusing on the town of Rauma and the entire Satakunta region.

It is also possible to find international exhibitions, mainly focusing on some of the neighbouring countries around the Baltic Sea.

Rauma Maritime Museum

At the Rauma Maritime Museum, you will find several rooms with exhibitions telling the history of sailing in Rauma, one of the city’s main economic activities throughout its history.

The museum also has some activities for children where they can discover what sailing was like in the past. There is also a marine-themed children’s playground next to the museum where they can play.

Marela Museum

The Marela Museum opens the doors of the house of a wealthy shipowner at the beginning of the 20th century. The museum shows what life was like at that time through Gabriel Granlund and his family, who lived in the house.

In addition, it is possible to find many of the changing exhibits from the Rauma Museum at Marela, when they are not on display there.

Archipelago of Rauma

Rauma is situated by the sea and has an archipelago of hundreds of islands and islets. On some of them, you can find some interesting activities and excursions.

The Bothnia Sea National Park stretches the length of the archipelago, occupying several of the archipelago’s islands. The summer season is ideal for a day trip to one of the nature reserves.

How to get to Rauma

The main mode of transport used by tourists to get to Rauma is by bus, as the town is well connected to other towns. Car rental is also a good option.

The train does not go directly to Rauma, although you can get to train stations in some nearby towns, such as Harjavalta, Pori or Kokemäki.

If you want to come by plane, the two best alternatives are Pori Airport and Turku Airport, the two closest to Rauma. From there, you will have to take a bus to get to the city.

How to get around the city

Rauma is a small city, so you’ll have no problem getting around on foot. You can also opt to rent a bicycle, which will allow you to get to the city’s various attractions quickly.

As a small city, the city bus network is quite limited, with only a few routes connecting only the most important places in the area.

Where to stay in Rauma

The city of Rauma has a good range of accommodations to choose from. Most are mid-range, so you won’t need a big budget to stay here.

The cheapest option is the Poroholma campsite by the sea in Otanlahti. It is only open during the summer season, between May and August.

Where to eat in Rauma

When it comes to food, we recommend a visit to one of the local restaurants offering some of the local dishes, which are closely related to the town’s seafaring past.

There is also a wide variety of fast food outlets, or you can even try some fresh fish at the town’s market.

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