If one of your goals when travelling to Finland is to see the Northern Lights, you are probably wondering where you have to go to see them.

In this article, we will solve your doubts! Read on to discover all the points in the country where it is possible to see the aurora at some time of the year.

Where to see the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are phenomena that can be seen when certain meteorological conditions occur and can only be seen in areas and countries located in the northern part of the planet.

Thus, Finland is one of the European countries where it is possible to see this phenomenon.

The chances of finding them increase the further you move north, so the Lapland region is the best place to see them. However, in almost any part of the country, there are possibilities to see them.

The time of the year you travel to Finland will also influence the chances of seeing the Northern Lights since in the summer months they are less frequent and the difficulty in finding them is therefore greater.

Best place to see Northern Lights in Finland

Lapland, the northern region, is the best place in Finland to see the Northern Lights.

Most tourists travel to Rovaniemi to see them, but it is important to know that there is too much light pollution in the city so you will have to travel to nature to find them.

Probably the best option to see them is to book a tour or safari in which someone who knows the area can guide you and take you to those places where you can get the best view and optimal conditions.

We recommend that you travel a little further north of Rovaniemi so that light pollution does not affect your experience. For example, Saariselka is a town located about two hours by car from the capital of Lapland where pollution is minimal and you will not have to look for a secluded place to see the phenomenon.

The main drawback of moving to the north of the country will be the temperature since you could find yourself with very low temperatures if you travel to Finland during the coldest months of the year.

The phenomenon can be seen in the Lapland region

Northern Lights in Inari and Lake Inari

Inari is a town located in the middle of Lapland, 300 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.

It is one of the favorite areas for both Finns and tourists to visit in northern Finland.

Very close to the town is Lake Inari, a place where light pollution is very low, so the chances of witnessing the Northern Lights show are high.

In addition, the impressive views that the lake offers will make your experience unforgettable. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the phenomenon.

Aurora in Ivalo

Ivalo is also located a little further north than Rovaniemi, so the lighting and weather conditions will be just as better than what you will find in the capital of Finnish Lapland.

Thus, it is very likely that in the town itself you will see the northern lights without even having to go away into nature.

Besides, the town of Ivalo has its own airport, so you can get there from Helsinki quickly and comfortably. This last point is undoubtedly very important since it can avoid a very long trip by car or train to get to the north of the country.

Seeing Aurora in Levi

It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Finland. Thousands of tourists, both Finnish and foreign, come to Levi to do all kinds of activities in nature.

Being located in the north of the Lapland region, Levi is a perfect place to see the Northern Lights. Like the other destinations mentioned, the low light pollution allows you to see them without having to leave the town.

Skiing, nature and northern lights. Can you ask for more?

Can you see the Northern Lights in Helsinki?

It is not possible to see the Northern Lights in Helsinki under normal conditions. The two main reasons why you cannot see auroras in the Finnish capital are excessive light pollution and that the city is located too far south.

However, in periods of intense solar activity, the Northern Lights can become visible in Helsinki. This is not very common, so you should not expect to have this experience if you travel to the capital.

Are you planning to go to Finland to see the Northern Lights? If so, tell us in the comments where you would like to go. In addition, we encourage you to share the article on social networks using the icons that you will find just below.

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