One of your goals when visiting Finland, especially the northern part of the country, is likely to be to see the Northern Lights. To achieve that goal there are many alternatives, and one of them is to participate in a Northern Lights safari. This has several advantages and disadvantages that we will show you below.

Northern Lights in Finland

Finland, and more specifically Lapland, is an ideal place to see the Northern Lights since the chances of finding them increase the further north of the globe you are. You can search for them in many different ways: alone or accompanied, on foot or by car, participating in a safari… Therefore, the safari is not essential to see them, but it is, without a doubt, an interesting activity to facilitate the search.

Aurora Borealis Safari

Northern Lights safaris are very popular activities among tourists travelling to Finland and there are many companies dedicated to organizing them. This type of safari has many alternatives and complementary activities since the search for the aurora is the end but there are many ways to find them. So, what you really pay for when booking a safari of this type is the additional activity that you carry out while the search is developing, apart from the guide who accompanies you at all times.

Best time of the year to go on a safari

Northern Lights Safari in Lapland
Northern Lights in Lapland (©Visit Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.))

The probability of seeing the Northern Lights, as we have said before, increases the further north you are, so the geographical situation of Lapland is ideal for the activity. Besides, specific weather conditions and a clear sky are needed to make them easier to see.

The safari does not guarantee you will find the Northern Lights, but choosing the correct time of year to carry out the activity, in addition to the help of the local guide who will accompany you during the safari, will increase the chances of seeing the Northern Lights significantly.

In a previous article we already told you in more detail what is the probability of seeing the Northern Lights in each month of the year and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, but, as a summary, we will tell you that September, October, February and March are the ideal ones to find auroras, so you have a good chance of seeing them if you do your safari on those dates.

What you need to carry out the activity

The Northern Lights safari takes place at night, as it is the time of day when it is darkest and therefore the most suitable to see the phenomenon. Therefore, the activity will start between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m., which means that the temperature will be quite low. For this reason, you will have to wear suitable clothing for the cold and, once there, the guides themselves will provide you with other clothing, such as snowsuits or boots, to ensure that you are well prepared to carry out the activity.

Depending on the type of safari in which you participate, the guides will also be in charge of providing any other equipment that is necessary to carry out the activity, such as a helmet, gloves or even a tripod to take better photographs.

Types of safari

Finding the Northern Lights is the objective of this safari and, to achieve it, you will have to travel through the area to reach different points where the visibility of the phenomenon is better. This movement can be done in several ways and is often used to carry out additional activities, such as riding a snowmobile.

Also, all safaris usually include a break in a cabin or around a bonfire to warm up. This stop is accompanied by a hot drink and some food.

Snowmobile safari

Northern Lights Safari by Snowmobile
Northern Lights Snowmobile Safari in Rovaniemi (©Visit Rovaniemi (Rovaniemi Tourism & Marketing Ltd.))

It is a snowmobile ride through the Finnish landscapes to find the Northern Lights. The route will be prepared in such a way that you will reach two or three points where the visibility of the aurora is better.

Travelling by vehicle

This safari is a great option if you are accompanied by children since comfort prevails when using a vehicle to reach the optimal areas in which to see the Northern Lights. The guide will be in charge of selecting the places where the chances of finding auroras are higher, so you just have to let yourself go and enjoy the views. It is the best alternative if, as we have said before, all you want to do is see the phenomenon.

Walking safari

The more adventurous can choose to go on a walking safari, or what is the same, an excursion through the Finnish forests and landscapes that ends in ideal points to see the auroras. This option is very interesting since you will not only see the Northern Lights, but you will also be able to enjoy the incredible forests and lakes that surround the area.

Photography tour

There are safaris specifically prepared for those who seek to take the best photographs with the northern lights in the sky. If you are one of them, this type of safari can be a great alternative. In this case, the guides are also professional photographers, so they know the best places from which to take pictures. Also, in case you don’t find auroras, you can go home with images of impressive landscapes.

Husky dog sled safari

This type of safari is very similar to that of a snowmobile, but in this case, a sled pulled by husky dogs is used for the movement. It is a good option if you are thinking of doing this type of safari since you can carry out both activities at the same time.

Price and how long the activity lasts

The price of the activity will depend a lot on the type of safari you are doing. For example, a walking safari will be much cheaper than one in which you travel by snowmobile. The price of the first is about 70 euros per person and the second will surely exceed 100 euros. Likewise, the duration also varies depending on the type of safari. A safari on foot or by car can easily last 4 or 5 hours, while one with husky dogs will be a little shorter and will last around 3 hours.

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