One of the essential activities, when you travel to Finland, is to go on a snowmobile safari through one of the countless forests that cover the country. This activity, obviously, can only be carried out during the winter months, so you will have to plan your trip to Finland very well if you want to enjoy this experience.

Snowmobile in Finland

The snowmobile, unlike what happens in warmer countries, is a very useful means of transport for the Finns. The cold and long winters, especially in the north, make it difficult for the inhabitants to move, both on foot and by vehicle, and it is at this time that the snowmobile gains prominence. The Finns, also, can take advantage of the fact that rivers, lakes and other water currents are frozen, thus, the use of this means of transport is even more comfortable and simple.

Snowmobile safari

Snowmobile safaris have become one of the great tourist attractions in the northern region of the country and there are a good number of companies that offer this activity. For this reason, there are many different types of safari, since they vary in terms of their difficulty, duration or, even, the realization of complementary activities such as ice fishing, the search for the Northern Lights or visiting a farm reindeer. Regarding the difficulty, some safaris take place on simple roads and at low speed while there are others in which more complicated roads are travelled and even frozen rivers and lakes are crossed.

In another article, we already told you that you can also go on a Northern Lights safari at night in order to find them.

What you need to carry out the activity

To drive a snowmobile, as with any other vehicle, it is necessary to have a valid and current driver’s license. If you come from Spain, your driving license will be valid as long as it has not expired. In the case of coming from Latin America, you should check before booking the activity if your country’s card is accepted in Finland since not all are. Traffic regulations apply in the same way as any other vehicle, so you must respect traffic signs, follow the instructions of the police and be careful with other vehicles. It is advisable to have insurance or, failing that, to carry out the activity with care, since, in case of causing an accident, you will have to take care of the damages and costs incurred.

Snowmobile in winter

During the snowmobile safari, you will be accompanied by one or more monitors at all times, and they will guide you through the forests and paths. To carry out the activity you will need special equipment consisting of a snowsuit, helmet, gloves and special boots. All this material will be loaned by the company, so you will not need to purchase any special equipment to do the snowmobile safari. However, you must take into account the temperature and climate that is at that time and wear clothes according to the situation.

Where to go on a snowmobile safari

As we have already said, snowmobile safaris are trendy activities among tourists visiting Finland so that you can do this activity in a large number of parts of the country. Bear in mind that certain weather conditions must be met, so the activity cannot be carried out in Helsinki and the southern coastal area, but you will not have to travel very far if you want to go on a snowmobile safari.

Snowmobile in Lapland

Lapland, the northern region of Finland, is undoubtedly the best place to carry out this activity. Snow arrives in the region between October and November and the winter season lasts until May, so the period of time during which the activity can be carried out is very long.

Among the places in the region where you can go on a snowmobile safari are Rovaniemi, Levi, Ylläs or even in Santa Claus Village.

Price and how long a snowmobile safari lasts

The price of the activity depends on the type of safari in which you are going to participate, the complementary activities if any are included, and even the type of snowmobile that is going to be used, since both electric and powered snowmobiles are used. gasoline. The duration of the activity will also vary the price, so it will increase the longer the safari lasts. However, you could say that a one-hour snowmobile safari will cost you around 75 euros.

Finally we share with you a video of a safari in Lapland:

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